Stop giving energy to generational curses and do this instead:

Rewrite Your Family's History and Build Generational Excellence!

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Join Dr. LaTanya White's Dynastic Wealth™ Academy and Build Your Business Dynasty!

Do you feel like you are suffocating from unhealed pain, unaddressed trauma, and unspoken toxicity in your family?

If you are a first-generation Black entrepreneur then these generational curses could be sucking the life out of you...and your business!

It's no secret that entrepreneurship is probably the hardest thing that some of us will ever do (second only to parenting...whew chile!) but it doesn't have to be that way.

I mean, what if that actually wasn't the case for you? What if, instead of feeling dragged down by your family's "generational curses" you focused on establish generational excellence instead?

Hi Family! I am Dr. LaTanya White, a 2x author, TEDx Speaker, and I am an expert in helping first-generation Black entrepreneurs build Dynastic Wealth™ so their grandchildren's grandchildren won't have to worry about money.

In my former life, I spent the past 11 years teaching, coaching, and consulting more than 600 Black entrepreneurs. Since completing my doctoral research on intergenerational wealth transfer and Black business families, I , including four years of doctoral research on the racial wealth gap, wealth transfer, and entrepreneurial dynasties.

In the picture above, I am dancing with my daughter. That is one small action that I am taking to rewrite the narrative in my family.

The big things- the business building, the research, wealth planning sessions, the discussions with my family- have been a loooong road. It has not been easy but it has been extremely rewarding.

And most importantly, I have been documenting every step along the way so other first-generation Black entrepreneurs like you can use it as a framework to rewrite the narrative in your family.

So instead of funding the "generational curses" in your family and in your community with your energy and attention, let's work together to normalize this....

Funding Generational Excellence

Funding Generational Excellence (FGE) is a business mentoring program of Dr. LaTanya White's Dynastic Wealth™ Academy.

I designed this program specifically for first-generation Black entrepreneurs who have the desire to create some future benefit for their families and their communities through their entrepreneurial endeavors.

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Building Dynastic Wealth™

...won't just happen in your family. You have to be committed to a strategic planning process that has not been shared with the general public...until now.

Here's What You'll Discover:

Past milestones in Black entrepreneurship so that you can be empowered by your history

The relationship between entrepreneurship and generational excellence so that you can accelerate your family's path to excellence

The fool-proof way to become more confident about your pricing and profitability so that you can have financial wealth to pass down for the next THREE generations

My evidence-based approach to fast forward through three generations to build Dynastic Wealth so that you can live to see the fruits of your labor

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...and much more that is not being taught to Black entrepreneurs!

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This Is How We Work

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This Is How YOU Can Feel Too...

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Here's Everything You Get...

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Topics We'll Cover

In order to rewrite the narrative and build Dynastic Wealth™, we will need to go from end to end. From the historical barriers to building Black wealth to leading-edge business concepts to the FIVE forms of wealth required to build a dynasty, these are the topics that we will cover together.

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Live Q&A Calls Each Month

Ask your burning questions about wealth creation, wealth transfer, and Dynastic Wealth™ in a safe space with other like-minded Black entrepreneurs.

Access to the Live Q&A Calls is available at no cost for each month that you are enrolled in FGE. FGE members are able to schedule 1-1 consulting sessions at a discounted rate.

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Access to Vetted, Trusted Legal and Financial Professionals

Since I am not credentialed to provide legal or financial advice, I will make sure that you have access to my Rolodex of legal and financial professionals that can help establish and fund your family trust.


Claim Your Free Gifts When You Enroll!

Because we don't have any more time to lose on your journey to Funding Generational Excellence, when you enroll in FGE, you will get full access to all the training videos, including a fillable, digital workbook and quick reference checklist

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Digital Workbook:

7 Steps to Dynastic Wealth™

($149 Value)

This 99-page fillable, digital workbook will become the go-to resource that helps you document everything as you commit to Funding Generational Excellence through your business.

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Quick Reference Checklist:

7 Steps to Dynastic Wealth™

($17 Value)

Hit the ground running with this checklist that lays out everything you will need to begin Funding Generational Excellence through your business.

Enroll in DWA for just $99

After 30 Days, Cancel Your Monthly Access Fee of $199 Anytime

No Questions Asked!

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My 3x Guarantee:

I know that your business is going to get to the next level faster than you could ever think or imagine once you enroll in FGE! In fact, if you don't either save or make 3x what you paid for mentorship within 28 days, I will refund your enrollment fee!

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